So as I promised, I have created rapidQCap for you for FREE! It is basically a remake of quad caps created many times before this one. The only difference is that this version is much simpler to use. You just have to select the border, and if the circumstances are occurs, it can simply fill the holes with a fully quad mesh. If the script can’t find the corner vertices, it also let’s you to select them by hand in vertex mode, so the script can run. Click to see the tutorial video under this post… ;)

Since the script is totally FREE, and it’s part of the rapidTools toolset, you just have to install the whole package again, restart 3dsmax, and it’s all done, your modeling workflow speed up again.

The package also contains an upgraded fastPutObject, with random object placer. If you first group your objects you want to scatter, pick the vertices where you want to place them, and pick the group, the script randomly scatter them all over the vertices. Give it a try! ;)

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