Tomorrow I’m gonna upload the extended version of rapidQCap, along with the new fastPanelizer, fastBorderSelector, and fastBoolean pack in rapidToolsv1.08.

  • rapidQCap now can cap more type of holes, and can cap more selected holes with a single click.
  • fastPanelizer is a new fast panel cutter tool, that let’s you instantly cut panels into your model with a single click.
  • fastBorderSelector can convert any kind of selection to a border selection, which is the outline of that selection.
  • fastBoolean tools are pretty simple to use boolean tools, without a menu. Just select and pick and it’s done.

So tomorrow I will upload these new tools, and hopefully I will create video tutorials for them, if circumstances… So you know… :) If I can get to my computer. :)

UPDATE: OK! Not today, but sooner or later I will. I just got important things to do recently, so you will have to wait for the new features a bit… Sorry… :) Be Patient!

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