Hi all guys again!

I realized under the development of rapidQCap, that it has a much greater potential in the algorithm, then I thought before, so I started to put some “smart” features under the hood. I implemented a corner point analyzing algorithm, so the whole quad cap working methodology has started to form a pretty similiar way of modeling, that Pixologic has defined in zbrush last year. In certain cases the algorithm can find the corner points that is necessary to cap a hole in a quad form.

Since the algorithm is not finished yet, I decided to release rapidTools v1.08 a little sooner then I wanted before, so you will get a very powerful tool (and toolset, because I’m planning to put more features into rapidTools), that makes modeling more enjoyable then before. So keep waiting, new features are under development, I just need a little more time, to finish what I started… ;) Be patient! ;)

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