Since I had a lot to do in the last few month, I wasn’t able to update the rapidTools toolset as I wanted, but since all the current projects has ended, I think will have more time, to make updates and put new features into the package.

The following requests has been dropped into my mailbox, which I will consider for sure:

Arrimus had an insanely good idea:

I’m impressed! No words… ;’)

I have written an email to Arrimus and we just thought to the exact same thing. Why not automated? :) So this is one thing that I’m planning to put into the package.

A few words: Arrimus has created insane ammount of tutorials, and released them on his youtube channel which you can find here. You can find hard surface and organic modeling, zbrush tutorials and other useful things there like rigging and texturing. I very recommend it. :)

If you find his tutorials useful (which you will :)), support him via this website:

If Arrimus’s huge amount tutorial wouldn’t be enough, Luxxeon also using rapidTools for more abstract/procedural modeling purposes. He also uploaded a huge amount of tutorials, so please feel free to visit his youtube channel as well:

So back to the original topic. What you will find in the package:
Insert shape: based on Arrimus3D’s idea
Massive Hardware Texture toggle
Universal Hide/Unhide toggle
Shading Network Generator: for physicly based shaders (later customizable shading network setup)
Reorganized Menu for rapidTools

Things that I’m still thinking to implement:
Quad Menu generator for every tool.

Far future plans:
Rewriting math heavy parts of the tools in C++, to gain a massive performance boost.

That’s all for know,
Happy Modeling!

And don’t forget to write me your ideas about the tools you may need. I will take them in consideration if it’s worth the time to write it. :)
Or via the website e-mail: rapidmxs at gmail dot com
Or my other mail: pi3c3 dot com at gmail dot com

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