Quixel Suite 2


So I pre-ordered the well known Quixel Suite 2 for myself. I can hardly wait to try it as soon as possible. :) I’m very qurious about the performance, especially because it is working inside photoshop, which is a very practical thing, if we take it in count that don’t have jump between softwares, and everything can be done under photoshop… :)

Oh and I almost forgot to announce a new tool I’m developing recently. It will be pretty useful, when you have to align then merge objects together… :)

Keep waitin’ I’m on it… ;)


Circumstances… Again…

Hi again… I’m not disappeared or something, just maaany many things has got together, so no updates soon. :(

Other thing. I know about the bug where rapidQCap is not working in some cases, where you have selected only two vertices. Please be patient, I will fix it, as soon as I have time for it… :)

Best wishes! ;)


rapidTools v1.08 – New Features – rapidQCap v2.0 | fastPanelizer

Hi all guys again! :)

As I promised, I released today two new tools again. :) The first one is the extension of rapidQCap. Now it works on multiple holes and selections as well, and the greater improvement is the corner finding algorithm built in. Now you don’t have to select all the vertices, only two do the job. In many cases the script can find the corner vertices by itself, so it’s now works pretty similar to what zBrush can do with meshes, but in a quad way.


fastPanelizer is a new tool which can save you a huge amount of time by cutting panels into surfaces. The script can instantly make the extrusion, split the edges and set up the smoothing groups, so you only have to quadChamfer the panels and run the nGonsSolver to get a perfectly quad mesh, without any artifacts.


Watch the videos to get more info:


rapidQCap – awesome features are coming

Hi all guys again!

I realized under the development of rapidQCap, that it has a much greater potential in the algorithm, then I thought before, so I started to put some “smart” features under the hood. I implemented a corner point analyzing algorithm, so the whole quad cap working methodology has started to form a pretty similiar way of modeling, that Pixologic has defined in zbrush last year. In certain cases the algorithm can find the corner points that is necessary to cap a hole in a quad form.

Since the algorithm is not finished yet, I decided to release rapidTools v1.08 a little sooner then I wanted before, so you will get a very powerful tool (and toolset, because I’m planning to put more features into rapidTools), that makes modeling more enjoyable then before. So keep waiting, new features are under development, I just need a little more time, to finish what I started… ;) Be patient! ;)


New tools upgrades and features!

Tomorrow I’m gonna upload the extended version of rapidQCap, along with the new fastPanelizer, fastBorderSelector, and fastBoolean pack in rapidToolsv1.08.

  • rapidQCap now can cap more type of holes, and can cap more selected holes with a single click.
  • fastPanelizer is a new fast panel cutter tool, that let’s you instantly cut panels into your model with a single click.
  • fastBorderSelector can convert any kind of selection to a border selection, which is the outline of that selection.
  • fastBoolean tools are pretty simple to use boolean tools, without a menu. Just select and pick and it’s done.

So tomorrow I will upload these new tools, and hopefully I will create video tutorials for them, if circumstances… So you know… :) If I can get to my computer. :)

UPDATE: OK! Not today, but sooner or later I will. I just got important things to do recently, so you will have to wait for the new features a bit… Sorry… :) Be Patient!


rapidTools – v1.07 – new feature – rapidQCap


So as I promised, I have created rapidQCap for you for FREE! It is basically a remake of quad caps created many times before this one. The only difference is that this version is much simpler to use. You just have to select the border, and if the circumstances are occurs, it can simply fill the holes with a fully quad mesh. If the script can’t find the corner vertices, it also let’s you to select them by hand in vertex mode, so the script can run. Click to see the tutorial video under this post… ;) Continue reading