No time for a while! – The victim of circumstances

Hi all guys!

As I got a few important things to do at my workplace and because my girl friend constantly occupiing my desk (due to educational purposes), and my computer of course, sadly I don’t have a way to continue my scripts for a while… :S So that’s why it’s late so far. Although the basic algorithms are working properly, I can’t share it with you, because it’s not usable in a real rapid workflow, so I very recommend to use the alternatives, that you can find on scriptspot.com, until I can finish my free alternative solution, so be patient, it hasn’t been forgotten, just the circumstances are not really optimal to make it as good and simple as possible… :)



rapidQCap – WIP


So because I’m not really satisfied with the quadCaps can be found over the internet, I decided to make one for myself that is fiendishly simple. I’m planning to write simple qCap, that just leaves the topology mostly flat, a second one, that interpolates between the sides and height using weighted methodology, and another one that uses averaging method. The last case might use two different methods, but it needs a little testing, so I will put it in to the script later after release.

The main advantage of this script will be it’s ease of use, by just selecting the corner vertices, and just simply pressing the qCap button. So be patient! :) Release: SOON


Registration and comments

I have activated the registration and comments features on the site, so now you can easily register and leave comments under the rapidTools menu.

Feel free to download and use the tools I have created, and leave a comment if you like my script package… ;)


Fate or something! – The Portfolio Gallery – rapidTools 3dsmax for EVERYONE

I don’t believe in fate, but much more in possibilities, so I decided to make my own gallery too on this site. I removed all the shopping things too, because it’s too complicated here to sell things in Hungary, so I make all my scripts free for public, although in this case I can’t give you support for them, just a minimal one, maybe bug fixes. :)

But anyway feel free to browse over my gallery and take a look at my rapidTools tool set section. I hope you will find my scripts useful… :)

It’s free to download and the checkout is just simply necessary to register you, so if new scripts or updates occur, I can inform you about them. :)

You just have to simply extract the rar file, than drag and drop into max viewport. Follow the installation screen and enjoy the power of rapidTools rapid modeling toolset… :)


Welcome to the rapidTools website!

I decided to open the site, for every 3dsmax user! I got a few things to do before I let you download all of the scripts. A few mandatory things must be done before I can sell my products. Until then I let you download the non-commercial parts of my tools. In this case, the fastTools part of the scripts I have created.

fastTools are basically snippets, which can do things a bit more faster than regular tools developed by the creator of 3dsmax.


Hi there!

This is the site where rapidTools will live. These tools has been designed, to make your modeling job very easy and practical! Most of them are hotkey based, so I recommend to use them that way. Forget about the stupid buttons and menus, just use it!