Next Release Plans

NEXT RELEASE SOON Axis Integrations The next version of Octopus will contain the already existing Axis script Core integrated into Octopus. This way Octopus also will be view sensitive, so the world directions will always match your screen directions. You also will be able to use this feature, when creating your own Spinners. Currently I’m […]

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Weekend Octopus

WEEKEND OCTOPUS Last week I spent my time optimizing Octopus. One of the most important part of it is, that I have integrated the Axis Core methods into Octopus, which means, that now, you can create your own Screen Space based actions. I have also created an experimental Cloner Template for Octopus as well, which

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Octopus v1.11 – Feature Videos

OCTOPUS v1.11 – NEW FEATURE VIDEOS I have created a few new videos about Octopus features. Please watch them, I hope you will like most of them. Because Octopus can be extended pretty easily, more features will come soon. :) Spinner Behavior Modifiers Shape and Layout Inset – Advanced Extrude – Advances Octopus Create –

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