Octopus Released

OCTOPUS RELEASED I have released the brand new octal menu, with very good user experience, and many features. It’s easy to setup and very straightforward to use. [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PLeKEyiThQPYd5pODLjlJFjHCmJRwqud8H&v=3IaF-pUXZcU[/embedyt] To buy it, just go to the [STORE] add to the cart, and head to the checkout screen! Have Fun! :)

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Website Renewed

WEBSITE RENEWED As you have seen, I have renewed the website for the forthcoming scripts and plugins. (Like Octopus? :)) Yes, you guess is right. The plugin is coming on May 1. There are just a tiny bit of things I have to do before the release. There will be other surprises as well which

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Developers log – FYI

I HAVE A GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! :) Currently I’m nearly at the end of developing the website the tutorials and Octopus as well of course. In the next 1-2 week I’m going to release Octopus for 3dsmax. I still have plenty amount of things to do, but know I can clearly see the light at

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