Octopus v1.04

16 May, 2018
OCTOPUS v1.04 - RELEASED In this version I have fixed on of the most annoying bug, which ruined the entire usage of Octopus. Now it appears in the right place in ...

Octopus Released

1 May, 2018
OCTOPUS RELEASED I have released the brand new octal menu, with very good user experience, and many features. It's easy to setup and very straightforward to use. To buy it, just ...

Website Renewed

29 Apr, 2018
WEBSITE RENEWED As you have seen, I have renewed the website for the forthcoming scripts and plugins. (Like Octopus? :)) Yes, you guess is right. The plugin is coming on May ...

Developers log – FYI

17 Apr, 2018
I HAVE A GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! :) Currently I'm nearly at the end of developing the website the tutorials and Octopus as well of course. In the next 1-2 week I'm ...

Octopus – in early 2018

11 Dec, 2017
I'm proud to announce a new tool for 3dsmax, called the: OCTOPUS This tool is different from Mayas marking menu, or Blenders/Modos pie menu.It has additional features, which makes possible a ...


9 Sep, 2017
10000 DOWNLOADS REACHED We have reached the 10.000th download. More info coming soon...


11 Aug, 2017