The man behind rapidTools, Octopus and UVReactor

My name is Miklós Gábor a former Hungarian Environment Artist, who found himself in programming. I’m a fan of 3d for a long time. I have met with 3dsmax when I was 12 years old, when one of my friend brought me a CD containing the release of 3dsmax R3. At that time I was very curious about the program and that was a key moment in my life.

After many many years of practicing I became an Environment Artist at DIGIC Pictures where I have created a lot of environment assets and props, while I dived deeper in the technical side of 3D graphics. The first language and script I have written was a simple two liner. At that time modeling has been done in 3dsmax at DIGIC but the pipeline was written for Maya, so I needed something to send data between the two software. That was the thing I have written. A simple send to script.

That was the second key moment which lead me to become a TA and Tool developer. After a few month I have started to create my script package which I have used to make my job easier. Then later I offered it for free on my former website to the community which has quickly reached 10.000 users. The current number of downloads is well over 50.000.

After I moved to my next workplace I have started to learn even more languages. First python, then c# and finaly c++. Finally OpenGL, HLSL/GLSL and so much more. Tons of APIs and SDKs.

The first payed product has been finished around 2018 which was the first version of the Octopus octal menu system written in C# and C++.

After Octopus has been a success, I have decided to continue working on other projects like UVReactor and later RapidTools 2.0.

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