Axis is an object / sub-object manipulating toolset, which works in screen space. It converts your local screen space orientation into world space directions so you don’t have to figure out on which axis you have to translate your selection.


Move Farthest is a really fast and cool way of doing proper aligning. Just click and the algorithm will align your Objects/Sub-Objects in-line.

Screen Space

You don’t have to watch how and where your camera is looking. Move Farthest always know where is up / down and left / right, by transforming your screen orientations to world space directions.


You can also Rotate your Objects / Sub-Objects by a specific angle. This feature is also screen space, it doesn’t matter where your viewport camera is looking. It’s always CW or CCW.


Combine it with Octopus for better user experience!

Many Object Support

Many object types are supported, like: object, Editable Poly, Editable Mesh and Editable Spline. Modifiers support later…