• Working on the Object Modeling Inspector System (OMIS)
  • CHANGE - Further code optimizations



  • NEW - Modifiers Preset added, containing: Edit Poly, Shell, Symmetry, Smooth, TurboSmooth, FFD Box, Normal, Chamfer
  • NEW - Both Fade Out and Fade In parameters exposed to settings
  • NEW - Now you can define the Right Click Spinner Delay
  • NEW - Now you can define a base value for the Spinner Wheel
  • NEW - Version display in the Manager
  • NEW - Added the option to turn off the Track Line
  • NEW - Now Octopus handle screne redraws properly, from Octopus Core
  • NEW - Now the middle mouse button can repeat your last Spinner action of your button
  • NEW - Now you can change the horizontal (1, 4) and the vertical (3, 6) buttons separatedly
  • NEW - Now you have the control to turn on or off the built in screen redraw. If it's off, you can implement your own
  • FIXED - Max crashed when tried to overwrite Read Only Octopus preset.
  • FIXED - Now Octopus closes, when lost focus. This way even when a window pops up, Octopus will close
  • FIXED - Now acitvating Spinner does not clears previous action when start onHolding immediately after left click action
  • FIXED - Now the adaptive value is working even when you have no selected object
  • CHANGE - Now every button use it's own last used values
  • CHANGE - Further code optimizations
  • CHANGE - Hover FadeOut-FadeIn animation removed
  • CHANGE - Delay and Spinner animations has been changed a bit to have better user experience
  • CHANGE - ModelingSpinnerExtended now works with Show End Result turned on
  • CHANGE - Create preset has now more features. Now you can set certain parameters using Spinner of your created objects


  • NEW - Added the option to change the Fade In Length. If you zero it out, it will pop-up instantly
  • NEW - Pressing any button (Except F2, F3, F4, Ctrl, Alt, Del), will close Octopus
  • NEW - ModelingSpinnerExtended preset
  • NEW - Selection preset
  • CHANGE - Code optimizations


  • FIX - Inside Octopus Manager, when clicked on the "Edit Right Click" didn't work
  • NEW - Hold and Release behavior added to Octopus. You can find it in Octopus Settings


  • NEW - Used button indicator
  • NEW - RC menu on Octopus buttons
  • NEW - New top menu bar
  • NEW - Menu Icons
  • NEW - Pie Switch around middle button, which activates or deactivates your button
  • NEW - Quick hidden menu bar
  • FIX - Menu Nesting fixed, now working with Dialogs as well


  • FIX - Recent templates doesn't loose their layout
  • FIX - Licensing method changed
  • FIX - Now deleting an Octopus deletes the .MCR as well
  • NEW - Swap buttons by drag n drop
  • NEW - Axis integrated into Octopus
  • NEW - New Axis based variables which you can use inside your spinner code
  • NEW - Toggle Action Button
  • NEW - Command Editor has a toggle returning script line, which checks the current state of your toggle
  • NEW - Holding down shift before start spinning, you can stack spinner actions as well
  • NEW - TEMPLATE - Snap Menu added
  • NEW - TEMPLATE - Axis based Cloner Template added
  • NEW - F2 / F3 / F4 are now working to toggle between shaded and wireframe modes as well as filled polygon mode toggle
  • CHANGE - Middle cancel button became an indicator of comitting necessary
  • CHANGE - Brand new icons added and many of them changed, also they become 32x32 pixels
  • CHANGE - All icons base color become red so the entire UI become unified
  • CHANGE - Because shift is used for stacking on single action buttons, I moved the stylus mouse wheel substitution to TAB key, to make it unified to Spinner action stacking


  • FIX - Separator now working properly on Action Browser Header
  • FIX - When escaping Octopus button changes back to text from value
  • FIX - Octopus now stays in memory even if garbage collection occurs
  • FIX - Menu scrollbar flickering removed when resizing
  • NEW - Now button animation occurs when right clicking on a spinner
  • NEW - While in spinner mode, all not used buttons go hidden and returns after action occured
  • NEW - Mouse Wheel mode can be simualted by holding down the SHIFT key
  • NEW - Icons can be added to the list by drag and drop
  • NEW - Octopus presets can be added to the list by drag and drop
  • NEW - Button to go to Octopus settings folder
  • NEW - Button Layout settings added
  • NEW - "Create All" button creates all presets with a simple click (RUN before using new version)
  • NEW - Icon Only mode
  • NEW - Small versions of buttons added
  • NEW - Command Editor has new features to modify spinner behaviour on each axis
  • NEW - Adaptive Screen/Object size scale ratio based spinner values added (Spinner)
  • NEW - Stepping added (Spinner)
  • NEW - Sensitivity added (Spinner)
  • NEW - New Icons added
  • NEW - CREATE Octopus menu added
  • CHANGE - Octopus Manager Window now has a simplified layout
  • CHANGE - Octopus preset file structure has changed (please REFRESH)
  • CHANGE - Licensing has been modified, so now it's not necessary to stay on the same network to use Octopus


  • NEW - Installer automatically recognizes version
  • NEW - SPINNER function added to Octopus functionality
  • NEW - CTRL / ALT buttons can lock individual Axis (X and Y), keeping the other intact
  • NEW - Holding down both, keeps both intact
  • NEW - Octopus Manager now has a Command Editor, where it's possible to change left or right click actions
  • CHANGE - you have to re-save your already created Octopus presets, to make it work with the new version
  • FIX - .XML reading code has been improved, which made Octopus init much faster


  • Backward compatibility with 3ds max 2012 and up
  • Action List action names fixed


  • DPI Scaling on all monitors solved


  • Now Octopus locked to the 3dsmax window
  • 4k support on multiple display systems, when using different scale values on each display
  • Preview mode is off by default, when creating new octopus
  • Added right click cancel
  • Added Escape key cancel


  • Case sensitivity bug removed from the licensing. Now case nonsensitive
  • "?" button added to Manager, which leads to the tutorials


  • Now working with windows 7


  • Initial Release



  • Setting up Axis to support modifiers. - PLANNED
    • Edit Poly - PLANNED
    • Edit Mesh - PLANNED
    • Edit Spline - PLANNED
    • UVW Unwrap - PLANNED



  • Some users did not get their license, so I have to change my mail provider to a more reliable one - SOLVED