• I'm planning to make Octopus compatible with max versions prior to 2015, all the way down to 2012.
    • 2014 - SOLVED
    • 2013 - SOLVED
    • 2012 -¬†SOLVED
    • Preparing the installer - SOLVED
    • Deploy to website - PLANNED
  • Currently working on the speed of Octopus - PLANNED
  • It seems that I was able to solve the fade in problem, where an Octopus menu appeared in a wrong position. Now there is another issue, which caused by the size of the canvas the system use. I have to solve it, then Octopus will become High DPI friendly - SOLVED
  • I'm also planning to add an options menu to the Menu bar, where you can change a few things, like turning off animations, or the track line etc... - PLANNED
  • Cancel option added, if you right click or if you hit the escape key - ADDED
  • Spinner support for buttons - WIP
  • Right Click based menu - SEARCHING FOR POSSIBILITIES



  • Setting up Axis to support modifiers. - PLANNED
    • Edit Poly - PLANNED
    • Edit Mesh - PLANNED
    • Edit Spline - PLANNED
    • UVW Unwrap - PLANNED



  • NONE