Octopus II – rapidTools II

28 Jul, 2019
Octopus 2.0 – rapidTools 2.0 – New Server – Info Many Updates Coming Action Reactor Now an action reactor system is under construction, which will make it easier for users to ...

Octopus v1.20 – RELEASED

23 Apr, 2019
Octopus v1.20 – RELEASED License Activator via Proxy Rapid Tools Product Activator now has a new field called “Use Proxy Server”. This field now let you use a proxy server to ...

Octopus – v1.19

14 Apr, 2019
Octopus v1.19 Hello my fellow users! Here is a quick update for Octopus containing 3 VERY IMPORTANT fixes: FIXED – Now the repeat last spinner using the moddle mouse button works ...

OCTOPUS update for 3dsmax 2020

2 Apr, 2019
3dsmax 2020 support for Octopus Now Octopus has 3dsmax 2020 support! Now you can download it from your My Downloads menu after log in!ENJOY! And happy modeling!

Octopus v1.17 – RELEASED

1 Mar, 2019
Octopus v1.17 – RELEASED Hello my fellow users! :) The current version of Octopus now has small fixes and solved stability issues for 3ds max 2017 a greater. Since newer max ...

Octopus v1.16 – RELEASED

26 Jan, 2019
Octopus v1.16 – RELEASED New version of Octopus released, containing many new features,. fixes and changes, to make it more customizable and comfortable to use. There are still many things which ...

Octopus v1.15 – RELEASED

16 Jan, 2019
OCTOPUS v1.15 – RELEASED After two month of rest, I have released the Octopus v1.15. It contains a few optimizations and changes: CHANGE LOG: NEW – Added the option to change ...

1000 Subscribers

6 Dec, 2018
My Youtube channel has reached a 1000 subscribers so far! I would like to thank that @Arrimus 3D acitvely uses rapidTools. Due to this, rapidTools highly increased its user base. Also ...