New Server – Faster Website – New Licensing

Since the community of RapidMXS is growing all the time, the last server was unable to serve the number of website visits, so I have decided to move it to a dedicated Virtual Server. With this everything has become much more responsive, the site can be visible from Beijing as well and because it has become way more responsive than before, it will be way easier to post new information and updated for you about the current stage of developments.

Because the website lives in its new home, I had to make some changes on the licensing as well. (don’t worry it’s not a big change) From now you have to use the most recent version of Octopus (v2.10) to be able to activate it. (also I don’t really see any reason to use older versions :))

Also I’ll post more info about the development of UVReactor soon with videos and more. Keep in touch!

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