rapidTools v1.14


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All the scripts are hoteky based, or at least I very recommend to put them on to shortcuts. Watch the tutorial videos to get know how they work.

The package contains the following scripts:


rapidMeshCleanUp is a pretty usefule mesh cleanup tool, that searches for the following:

  • concave faces
  • faces with zero area
  • edges with zero legth
  • triangles
  • nGons
  • mid-edge vertices

The script runs through the mesh, puts an Edit Poly modifier named from the anomaly and selects them.

rapidNGonSolver has been designed to solve the hexagons, octagons and concave faces left behind by Quad Chamfer.

rapidQuadConnect is a way of connecting edges properly. If two rings cross each other, it create quads instead of 4 triangles. It also properly connects corners, where ring changes direction.

rapidRTConform is designed to conform one mesh to another. It is possible to conform just the base of the mesh, if you made your modifications on an EditPoly modifier. You can also change the vertex projection directions based on surface normals.

rapidSoftSelectionManager is designed to save softSelections and load them back. You can also make different kind of operations with selections, like adding, substracting, multiplying and dividing selections.

rapidSplineFFD is a tool that is deisnged by other scripters as well. This variant of splineFFD that let’s you control your loops by splines, and adds additional functionality that let’s you control the distribution of vertexes over the spline. It also let’s you easily save the splines for later use, until the toplogy or vertex order does not change.

rapidVertSplitter creates a topology like inset.

rapidToolsMenuGenerator collects all of the rapidTools scripts and creates a menu for them.


fastAttach – select and attach

fastBridge – bridge to hotkey without dialog

fastBoolIntersect / Substract / Union – classic bool operations on mesh/poly objects

fastEdgeLoopReguralizer – edge loop regularizer that makes a loop round, working with Edit Poly as well

fastEdgeWeightRegularizer – reduce edge weight so, it avoids the possibility of overlapping faces

fastExtrude – single click extrude like edge extrude

fastHardwareTextureToggle – makes possible to turn on or off all of the hardware textures

fastOpenDirectory – simply opens the folder of the file you are working with

fastMassiveOBJExporter – save max file, than run the script. Exports every selected objects into individual OBJ files

fastPutObject – scatters the target objects on the selected vertices. Just select the verts click shortcut and select the object to scatter

fastPutWorkingPivot – locks the working pivot where seleciton pivot is in vertex mode

fastWorkingPivot – it aligns the orientation of the pivot to face normals

fastZeroWeld – it performs a simple weld with 0,001 threshold

fastZeroWeldElement – does the same, but avoids mergeing different elements

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