UVReactor Beta

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Available Downloads:

    [UVReactor Beta v0.1.16]
    – Made ENU default.

    [UVReactor Beta v0.1.15]
    – Added separated 3ds max language selector to the installer. You can use this to identify your 3ds max localization folder: C:\Users\pi3c3\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\202X – 64bit.
    – Added Check Update Button to UVReactor. You can check if there is a newer version of UVReactor.

    [UVReactor Beta v0.1.14]
    – Removed an optimization that caused problems.
    – Changed the compiler to C++20 from Legacy MSVC. This has further increased the performance. In certain cases drastically by at least 20 percent.
    – Installer Fix, when multiple installation location can be found for 3dsmax.
    – Added all available language version to the installer.

    [UVReactor Beta v0.1.13]
    – Straighten flipped result fixed.
    – Straighten now keeps Texel Density.
    – Straighten now always horizontally aligns the uv shell.

    [UVReactor Beta v0.1.12]
    – UI fixed when focus on UI element not get lost after clicking into the viewport.
    – Crash fixed when using Smart Extrude.
    – Rotate UV Shells to optimal added to the Align Rollup.
    – Rotate UV Shells to optimal added to the Packer as an option.
    – Further speed improvements. Using AVX2 instruction set and fast floating point calculations.

    [UVReactor Beta v0.1.11]
    – Smaller optimiations on the UV Packer, making it even slightly faster.
    – Viewport was broken with certain video card with certain drivers.
    – Speed of Straighten improved.
    – Speed of Edge Loop improved.
    – Speed of Edge Ring improved.

    [UVReactor Beta v0.1.10]
    – UV Packer resolution setup was broken, which is now fixed.

    [UVReactor Beta v0.1.9]
    – Seams Display performance increased
    – Found performance headroom for the packer algorithm. Now it’s 3x faster than before.

    [UVReactor Beta v0.1.8]
    – Incorrect Seams Display Fixed.

    [UVReactor Beta v0.1.7]
    – Fixed crash when spline is in the selection and certain sub-object selection changing operation were used.
    – Crash fixed when break/stitch was performed on Spline objects.
    – Added a dedicated broken UV Data fix functionality to the Modeling Rollup. It can fix broken UVs that not even UnwrapUVW can fix.
    – Display Seams performance has been improved. (Although while moving the object, there is a display lag behind the transformation)

    [UVReactor Beta v0.1.6]
    – Problem with inconsistent face deg. These UVs should be reconstructed. Currently visualize only.
    – Added Chinese Installer option. Use Chinese if you are using the Chinese version of 3ds max.

    [UVReactor Beta v0.1.5]
    – Crash Fixed on undo, when a non-editable object was in the object list when performing certain UVR operations. (like Set Texel Density)
    – Certain invalid UV Data temporarily filtered and cannot be visualized. This will be fixed in the future.

    [UVReactor Beta v0.1.4]
    – Crash fixed, when UVReactor is not running, but performs Stitch or Break.
    – Stability fixed due to mesh / uv clean up. UV cleanup Disabled.
    – Flatten crash fixed due to invalid UV data.
    – Now handling dead structs, but crashes my still occur.

    [UVReactor Beta v0.1.3]
    – Added Scroll Zoom to the Viewport.
    – Improved viewport focus stability.

    [UVReactor Beta v0.1.2]
    – Installer fix. Now each installers uses its own GUID. Before changing from a previous version, please uninstall it first.

    [UVReactor Beta v0.1.1]
    – Crash Fixed when cluster is oversized when packing.
    – Crash Fixed when object contains modifiers when packing.
    – Crash Fixed When UnwrapUVW is active and performs a selection.

    [UVReactor Beta v0.1]
    – Initial Beta Release.