Thanks everyone who has participated in the UV Reactor Beta release. The entire beta test was VERY SUCCESSFUL and the majority of the stability issues and bugs have been fixed including geometrical bugs, UI issues and mapping inconsistencies, graphical problems and many many other things which otherwise would have ruined the entire user experience.

Thanks to the people coming from different regions, I have decided to localize the software to several other languages. I’ll probably need your help in the future to make a proper localization and translation for you.

In the meantime there were enough time to further increase the overall performance of the system. This made it even faster, in certain cases by 50%.

There are many ideas you come up with and shared with me on the Discord channel. I’ll try to do everything to implement all the requests into UVReactor. All of your ideas are extremely valuable to me.

The good news

So the good new is that the you can use the beta as long as you want. Think about it as demo versions which will be improved in the future.

The bad news

Since the development is not a horse race the release of the plug-in is still several month away. Due to the number of requests it won’t be an easy task to implement everything for the release. This includes the packing heurestics, overlap free flattening or even UDIM support.

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