UVREACTOR for 3dsmax – a new way of unwrapping

Forget about the old fashioned modifier based UV Editing.
UVReactor gives you something that has not seen before in 3dsmax.
Edit your UVs as never before.

[2020 – 2025]


RapidMXS offers two different licenses for UVReactor. Both are perpetual licenses.
This means, that you can use them indefinitely after buying the software, there is no expiration date.


Below 100k annual income

The indie license is designed for individuals. Each time you would like to upgrade a new version of UVReactor, you will get all the new features and the upgrade for newer 3ds max versions. This maintenance fee is 37 EUR. It’s up to you when would you like to upgrade, but it’s highly recommended.

This license is user locked.

Original price was: 150,00 €.Current price is: 100,00 €. inc. VatAdd to cart


Above 100k annual income

This license is for big studios. Don’t forget, that it’s a perpetual license and only a maintenance fee has to be payed if you want to upgrade to a newer version, which is only 75 EUR for a single upgrade. Each upgrade will include all the new features and the compatibility with the newer version of 3ds max.

This license is node locked.

Original price was: 300,00 €.Current price is: 200,00 €. inc. VatAdd to cart


Quality Non-Overlapping Unwrap

UVReactor offers one of the most recent algorithms to unwrap and relax your UVs, using the most efficient parts of your CPUs, like the AVX2 instructions set. This means that in one cycle it can do 8 times more work than most of the UV editors.
On top of that, all this happens on a single thread of your CPU.

Mass Packing

1.5 million polygons and thousands of UV shells? It took only 7 seconds!

Super Fast Polygon Count Independent UV Packing

The robust packing algorithm can pack your UVs the best possible way. Even if you want to pack the UV shells with the best fit or if you just want to place them with or without normalization, UVReactor can do it all for you. Millions of polygons? No problem! Just a few seconds and you can be sure, that it has found the best possible packing.

Graphite Modeling? It’s all yours!

One of the biggest struggle is when you need something from here and you can’t use it. At least not with the Unwrap UVW modifier.
UVReactor fixes this problem. It gives you back everything! All the selection tools!


Multi-Stitch is something that can really speed up things if implemented correctly. You don’t have to wait for one anymore. This one handles
the normalization / texel density, and the position of stitched UV shells and on top of that it can do it on multiple shells at once.

Easy Texel Density Setup

Setting up the texel density was always a problem in 3ds max. With UVReactor it has changed.
Change the target texture size and the ratio you need and then SET it.

You don’t know the TDR of your UV shells? No problem. Just select the shell and GET it.

High Performance Viewport

The viewport of UVReactor is a hardware accelerated OpenGL based system, providing a lightning fast UI with a sophisticated accelerator structure. This makes UVReactor extremely efficient and responsive, even if you have to work with millions of polygons. Thanks to this, the system gives you a real-time update in the 3ds max viewport.

Seamless UI Integration

One of the most common problems with any new software is the fact, that you have to learn it.
UVReactor mimics the controls and the UI of 3ds max, so the learning curve is incredibly shallow.

The entire system is using the same hotkey scheme as the default 3ds max viewport and UV editor.

And Much More


Grouping won’t be just a simple tool to retrieve the selection based on the group ID. It’ll be a much more effective tool, which will play a big role in UV Packing, Texel Densities, or even in UDIM handling.

UV CleanUp

In certain cases, 3ds max or other third party applications can mess up the UVs. UVReactor contains a complex UV clean up algorithm, that can fix these problems. For example when only a single vertex is merged together on the UV not forming an UV edge. This is called a Bad Vertex.

Tileable Textures (future development)

In modern game development, baked textures are getting less and less frequent and tiled textures are taking the over role. In the future UVReactor will be able to handle these cases using descriptor files, so when handling the UVs, the system will be able to automatically snap faces to the target area of the textures.

UDIM Support (future development)

Modern day game engines also support UDIMs as well and they are getting more and more frequent in modern game development. UVReactor won’t be different. In the future UVR will also get a UDIM support, for UV Packing, Texel Density and Group handling.

UVReactor Modifier (future development)

UVReactor currently only supports Editable Poly objects (no… Edit Poly is not supported for a reason). It is a requirement of course to have a modifier which you can use to edit UVs, while you are dealing with your modifier stack. It’s max afterall. It’s the heart of 3ds max :)

The Future of UVReactor

RapidMXS tries to deliver the best possible from everything. Even though the development is not fast, we always listen to our community.
Write an e-mail or better, join to our Discord server and share your thoughts. There are already a lot of requests, which we almost always add to our road map making the development more and more community driven. Not to mention you can always find helping hands there. :)

Message From The Dev

Since UVReactor is still not 100% complete, I really would like to Thank You if you buy my product. It took me 5 years of development to create something for 3ds max and for you. I always wondered why Autodesk didn’t take time to change this, but through this journey I understood why… Because it’s really a very complex task. Please support me by buying my products, to keep RapidMXS (the website), UVReactor, Octopus, rapidTools and of course 3ds max alive in the long run.

Please if you find problems and bugs, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

Thank You!

The Dev (Miklós Gábor)