So the tutorial series is up and running. I’m trying to make more and more tutorials for Octopus, which I hope tells you a bit more about the inner depth of Octopus 2. There are plenty of things to talk about, so in the future I will show you how to write your own more and more complex Octopus 2 menus. One of the biggest power of O2 is that whatever you are doing with it, you can record it, and also for Tech Artist like myself, you have the chance to quickly implement smaller or bigger tools with an instant UI. In most cases it can substitute even more complex tools and GUIs as well, like when you are setting up materials for example. Also distributing an O2 menu is just a piece of cake! :)

So about the tutorials. Now there are 3 episodes, where I show you the initial setup, or how to use the action browser and a simple Spinner Button setup, using the built in 3dsmax listener. All of them in a very easy manner. :)

Here they are, if you haven’t watched them yet. I really recommend to do it, because you will get a better understanding about Octopus 2 and all of its strengths! :) ENJOY, and Happy Modeling! ;)





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