Since I get a lot of congrats for Octopus 2, and the interest is much bigger then I first though, I realized that I have to make an entire tutorial series. In this series we will go through the features and also I’m going to tell you how you can get the maximum out of Octopus 2.

Also we will touch the scripting part as well, which is really a good thing. Also you don’t even have to be an expert to create amazing things using Octopus, since using almost only the max listener and a few pages of the official max documentation, you will be able to create insanely good things. :)

In the first few parts of the tutorial series I will show you, how you can set up the basic features of Octopus, like Octopus Friends, Octopus Flash, Octopus Repeat Last, Nesting and a few other things, also I’m going to show you how you can use the Chronos the Macro Recorder safely and, after that we will start to write our own Spinner buttons. :) (I promise it’s not gonna be complicated, you will just need a bit of practice. :)) After that you will be able to amaze your colleagues and even you can share your creations with them.

So be patient, I’ll release the first part in a few days, but maximum a weak. :)
And also if haven’t watched the trailer yet, please feel free to watch it here! ;)

Take care, and happy modeling! ;)


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