The third version of Octopus brings you several optimizations to the system. Many things have been changed:

  • Rrfactored .octopus Save/Load system (backward compatibily)
  • Performance optimizations
  • More customizations
    • Anti Aliasing control
    • Font Quality Settings
    • Panel Customization
    • Copy / Paste System has been refactored
  • Several incorrectly working functionality fixed
  • Refactored settings panel
  • 3dsmax 2024 support

Meanwhile the documentation of Octopus has been finished, with several tutorials added, so you can learn more about maxscript. The entire series of tutorial shows you how easy is to extend Octopus without any struggle.

Also there are plans to extend the Octopus Menu with an additional menu panel below the Octal menu. Also there were requests for a hit testing .

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