The newest version of Octopus v3.6 has been released, containing several improvments and bugfixes. Most of them are requested for a long time, and now was the time to fix all of those issues and to add all the missing features.

First of all, the speed of Octopus 3.6 has been improved since I was able to locate the source performance issue. I have also fixed many of the Hot Zone related issues. This made O3.6 to mimic a Maya like behaviour, but there are much more… See the list below. ?

[Octopus 3.6 – UPDATE]

  • Center Preview Indicator fixed
  • HotZone Trigger Distance added
  • Added Execute On Close (Maya like action execution)
  • Hover / Preview can be turned off for HotZones
  • Fixed Syntax Highlighter crash in case of cyrillic characters
  • Fixed lag when changing selected octopus button
  • Now HotZones can handle Panels as well
  • Fixed Octopus Flash, changed back to old Octopus Flash delay system
  • Command Editor Height has been fixed, now all controls fit into the window by default
  • Old Octopus Preset crash fixed, now it asks you to resave it in the Octopus Manager menu
  • Fixed Copy and Paste commands

Stay Safe and Have Fun! ?