After a single week, you have submitted a lot of bugs and issues with UVReactor. I was pretty busy with the bugfixing and a lot of issues has already been fixed in the system, thanks to your support. If you are curious how much has been done then watch below.

If you haven’t tried UVReactor yet, then do not hesitate. It brings the entire max UV experience onto a total different level. When you can see the UV that you are dealing with, when you have control over it while you are creating your model is something that max has been missing for more than a decade.

Don’t miss this journey, join the open beta, and enjoy!

[UVReactor Beta v0.1.6]
 - Problem with inconsistent face deg temporarily filtered. These UVs should be reconstructed.

[UVReactor Beta v0.1.5]
 - Crash Fixed on undo, when a non-editable object was in the object list when performing certain UVR operations. (like Set Texel Density)
 - Certain invalid UV Data temporarily filtered and cannot be visualized. This will be fixed in the future.

[UVReactor Beta v0.1.4]
 - Crash fixed, when UVReactor is not running, but performs Stitch or Break.
 - Stability fixed due to mesh / uv clean up. UV cleanup Disabled.
 - Flatten crash fixed due to invalid UV data.
 - Now handling dead structs, but crashes my still occur.

[UVReactor Beta v0.1.3]
 - Added Scroll Zoom to the Viewport.
 - Improved viewport focus stability.

[UVReactor Beta v0.1.2]
 - Installer fix. Now each installers uses its own GUID. Before changing from a previous version, please uninstall it first.

[UVReactor Beta v0.1.1]
 - Crash Fixed when cluster is oversized when packing.
 - Crash Fixed when object contains modifiers when packing.
 - Crash Fixed When UnwrapUVW is active and performs a selection.
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