I proudly announce the open beta of UVReactor, the brand new UV editor for 3ds max. The possibility to edit UVs on the fly was a long awaited feature in 3ds max, but this is not just the only difference. The speed of the viewport, the accuracy of the flattening, the polycount independent UVPacking and a proper Texel Density setup is all the features that are far advanced compared to the built-in solution.

About the current features you can read more on UVreactor’s Product page. From there you can also download the versions for 3dsmax 2020-2023.

Because UVReactor is currently in BETA I kindly ask everyone who wants to be the part of this adventure to give me feedbacks about it. Leave there your opinions and share your thoughts, also please (and this is the most important) if you find a bug, create a new topic in the appropriate forum channel. This way I can categorize every single bug that you report there.


When the time will come with the initial final release, I can provide you the best possible UV Editing experience in 3ds max, just like how a modern software should do.

To download UVReactor beta, please follow the link below.

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