the discount

The final release of Octopus 2.0 is pretty near, so I’m pretty close to the end of the development of Octopus 2.0. Currently you can buy Octopus on the current price, but after the release, price will increase by 10 EUR (so please think about it as a pre-release discount). The reason is that Octopus 2.0 has become much more then it was previously, I also added a Macro recorder system, and even more things to customize. The development period of the 2nd version has taken a long time, so I hope that you will understand the reason of this decision. I’m planning to release the final version at the end of this year, so in short, on the first of January. So if you are planning to buy Octopus, then please don’t hesitate, since you have only 2 weeks with the current price tag.

future plans

After the release of Octopus 2.0 I’ll start working on RapidTools 2.0, which will be a modernization of the predecessor. In fact I’ll rewrite most of the code base in C++, which means every part of RapidTools 2.0 will be much faster and even more stable.

Since there were a lot of requests for RapidTools 2.0 I’ll try to select the most important ones and will to integrate them. Also don’t forget about the discord page where you can share your ideas!


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