just a few more days

There were still a lot of things I have changed in the recent beta version of Octopus 2.0. All of them were user requests, so I hope I was able to match your needs. The final release is almost done and now it is the pre-release version of the final plugin.

Added All type of colorize possibilities, like:

  • Background Top/Bottom
  • Border Top/Bottom
  • Text Top/Bottom
  • Border Thickness


  • Default Fav buttons for each Octopus Menu
  • Further designer settings UI
  • All global Octopus parameters, moved to Octopus Settings pane
  • New Pre-Release Logo for the Installer
  • Proper support for older max version back to 3dsmax 2016 (Modeling and Modifiers)
  • Now both left and right click spinners can change parameters when using Create Octopus


  • Using the “–SKIP” tag at the of the line in a code, will skip that line, when repeating the command
  • Smaller fixes

From now, just small changes will be implemented, and of course new menus in the future. Chronos is also almost fully finished and I’m doing the final touches there as well. New videos and tutorials will come in the future and RapidMXS will move to other projects to create you new a hopefully useful tools. :)

future plans

After the release of Octopus 2.0 I’ll start working on RapidTools 2.0, which will be a modernization of the predecessor. In fact I’ll rewrite most of the code base in C++, which means every part of RapidTools 2.0 will be much faster and even more stable.

Since there were a lot of requests for RapidTools 2.0 I’ll try to select the most important ones and will to integrate them. Also don’t forget about the discord page where you can share your ideas!


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