Hi everyone! :)

Today I’m signing in with a good news! Many people asked me to create a DEMO version of Octopus, so you can try it out without having to buy it! So here it is,

I released a demo version of Octopus with three menus:

  • Views menu, which you can use to change the viewport
  • Create menu, which you can use to create base objects like Box and Cylinder
  • Basic Modeling menu, which demonstrates the possibilities of the new Spinner feature


I have to notice, that this demo shows you just a small part of the overall possibilities which Octopus can offer you. I also have to notice, that Octopus is under rapid development, and its feature list will extend in the near future. Also there are new tools under development, which will work together with Octopus as well :)

Until then, Happy Modeling! :)


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