OCTOPUS V1.12 BETA – 2nd phase

New version info

In this updated v1.12 version, I have fixed a few bugs, and also added a more sophisticated nesting feature to Octopus. (And the new Snaps Octopus) Here is how it looks in action:

If you find this release useful, please don’t hesitate to download. I hope you will find these new features fun to use, also don’t forget to share. :)

Change Log Updated – v1.12

  • FIX – Recent templates doesn’t loose their layout
  • FIX – Licensing method changed
  • FIX – Now deleting an Octopus deletes the .MCR as well
  • FIX – Installer is now working properly with 3dsmax 2019
  • FIX – Now working properly with 3dsmax 2014 as well (also 2013)
  • NEW – Swap buttons by drag n drop
  • NEW – Axis integrated into Octopus
  • NEW – New Axis based variables which you can use inside your spinner code
  • NEW – Toggle Action Button
  • NEW – Command Editor has a toggle returning script line, which checks the current state of your toggle
  • NEW – Holding down shift before start spinning, you can stack spinner actions as well
  • NEW – TEMPLATE – Snap Menu added
  • NEW – TEMPLATE – Axis based Cloner Template added
  • NEW – F2 / F3 / F4 are now working to toggle between shaded and wireframe modes as well as filled polygon mode toggle
  • NEW – Proper Octopus Nesting by moving between nested Octopus menus
  • CHANGE – Middle cancel button became an indicator of comitting necessary
  • CHANGE – Brand new icons added and many of them changed, also they become 32×32 pixels
  • CHANGE – All icons base color become red so the entire UI become unified
  • CHANGE – Because shift is used for stacking on single action buttons, I moved the stylus mouse wheel substitution to TAB key, to make it unified to Spinner action stacking

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