Octopus v1.16 – RELEASED

New version of Octopus released, containing many new features,. fixes and changes, to make it more customizable and comfortable to use. There are still many things which I plan to put integrate into Octopus, like pop-ups which can lead you through the first steps, also tutorials about how you can create your own couple menus.

It’s also planned to create templates for certain situations, like maxscript templates, for object type context based template, which you can use to create your own functions, and many more.

About the current changes, you can read forward here: ENJOY! And Happy Modeling! ;)


  • NEW – Modifiers Preset added, containing: Edit Poly, Shell, Symmetry, Smooth, TurboSmooth, FFD Box, Normal, Chamfer
  • NEW – Both Fade Out and Fade In parameters exposed to settings
  • NEW – Now you can define the Right Click Spinner Delay
  • NEW – Now you can define a base value for the Spinner Wheel
  • NEW – Version display in the Manager
  • NEW – Added the option to turn off the Track Line
  • NEW – Now Octopus handle screne redraws properly, from Octopus Core
  • NEW – Now the middle mouse button can repeat your last Spinner action of your button
  • NEW – Now you can change the horizontal (1, 4) and the vertical (3, 6) buttons separatedly
  • NEW – Now you have the control to turn on or off the built in screen redraw. If it’s off, you can implement your own
  • FIXED – Max crashed when tried to overwrite Read Only Octopus preset.
  • FIXED – Now Octopus closes, when lost focus. This way even when a window pops up, Octopus will close
  • FIXED – Now acitvating Spinner does not clears previous action when start onHolding immediately after left click action
  • FIXED – Now the adaptive value is working even when you have no selected object
  • CHANGE – Now every button use it’s own last used values
  • CHANGE – Further code optimizations
  • CHANGE – Hover FadeOut-FadeIn animation removed
  • CHANGE – Delay and Spinner animations has been changed a bit to have better user experience
  • CHANGE – ModelingSpinnerExtended now works with Show End Result turned on
  • CHANGE – Create preset has now more features. Now you can set certain parameters using Spinner of your created objects

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