Flattening Rollup

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The flattening rollup is one of the most important part of UVReactor. Here is the place where you can relax your UVs into a non-distorted UV shell. The algorithm is very fast and prevents triangle flips in most cases. (currently overlaps can still occur)

Flattening with UV Reactor

The flattening needs an initialization, which you can do with the Init Circle Button and then clicking on the Flatten button will relax it into a non-distorted state. The Initial state can also use a square boundary.

UV Reactor Planar

The planar mapping in this case differs from the one you can find in the Unwrap UVW modifier. This planar mapping always uses a plane perpendicular to the average normal of the geometry faces that constructs a UV shell.


The straighten algorithm in UVReactor easily outperforms the one that can be found in the native UnwrapUVW modifier. This algorithm averages the loops to get create a flattened UV shell.

There are still distortions if the rope have different diameters, but this will be fixed in the future.

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Flattening Rollup

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