Texel Density Rollup

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Texel Density is a very important thing, especially in game development. This is the value that tells us the relation between the UV, the 3D Mesh and the Texture size. The unit of measure can be px/mm, px/cs or px/m etc… In our case it’s px/cm. (which might change is the future and possibly it will be attached to the System Unit)

Usually in game development, commonly used values are 5 px/cm, which means a 1024×1024 pixels texture will cover a 200x200cm area. This gives us an approximate 5.12 px/cm texel density, which is 0.512 px/mm or 512px/m. (in other a single pixel will be 2 mm)

The texture density is calculated using the following equation:

TD = √uvArea / √geoArea * tRes

Which is in short the square root of the uvArea divided by the square root of the geometry surface area, multiplied by the texture resolution.

You can get the actual texel density from a selection, which is always extended to an entire UV Shell, even if you have only a single face selected. The set also scales the entire UV shell even if only a single face/edge/vert has been selected.

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Texel Density Rollup

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