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Slow UVReactor Startup

In certain cases launching UVReactor is very slow. In this case try changing your OpenGL video card your native video card inside the nVidia Control Panel.

Device Init

Corsair Keyboard

This solution (may work or not) comes from a topic from GitHub, where someone else had a similar issue.

good awesome news….i just update drivers corsair k55 driver from the web site and installed the software for it …the problem did not go away but then the keyboard software did another update itself..and the problem is gone…i tested hitting F5 30-4 times in a row while 7 you tube videos and unreal engine open and 3 other visual studio project open…i also had another project with the opengl and tried even that one at the same time…no problem the window opens 565-650 milliseconds and never slowed down…Before it was taking 20-40 seconds when it slowed down… the issue is closed thank you guys for the support i could never think it would be keyboard and thinking it is GPU causing conflict with GLFW Anyway….thank you all of you..i will be happy to help if i can anyway …thnk is a good day for me :=)

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