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The Cloner is a simple Instancing tool that you can use to create copies from your objects. There are two advanced copy modes. (S)pline Clone and Clone (B)etween.

Simple Clone


The revolve simply copies objects about a center point.

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal MovementRadius
Vertical Movement
Wheel ChangeNumber of Copies

H / V Clones

The Horizontal and Vertical clone have two modes. If you are ABOVE the starting point with your cursor, then you define the distance of your clone where the copies are made between. If you are BELOW, then the distance will define the distance between each copies.

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal MovementClone Distance
Vertical Movement< 0 -> Overall Distance
> 0 -> Distance Between Copies
Wheel ChangeNumber of Copies

S Clone

Spline clone is a special case of cloning. It uses a simple Path Constraint to get the desire effect.

Selection order

First, you always have to select the spline and after that the object that you want to clone.

Vertical Axis

If you are above the starting point, then the follow path then it will turn on the Bank property on the Path Constraint.

If you are below, then it will be off.

Since it uses Spline constraint the copies will follow the path when the spline has been moved or when the shape has been modified.

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal Movement
Vertical Movement> 0 -> Banking OFF
< 0 -> Banking ON
Wheel ChangeNumber of Copies

Release Path Constraint

If you are ok with the result and you don’t need the spline anymore, first you have to RELEASE the copied objects from the constraint. To do that just simply select the copies, open up the Cloner menu and Left Click on S Clone.

Clone B

Clone (B)etween is a simple cloner but it interpolates the rotation between two endpoints. Just select two endpoints and it will clone the first object in the selection between the two endpoints.

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal Movement
Vertical Movement
Wheel ChangeNumber of Copies
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