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Modeling Octal Menu

The modeling octal menu is the most complex one in the entire Octopus Menu system. This one has a lot of advanced functionality, that are unifying many different working mechanism. Basically they are working almost identically compared to the built-in solutions, but they are performing further steps to make your modeling even faster and comfortable.

Weld / Collapse

This one has the Below / Above horizontal mechanism to switch between the Weld and Collapse mode. The horizontal axis basically defines the weld threshold.

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal MovementWeld Threshold
Vertical Movement>0 weld
<0 collapse
Wheel Change


Extrusion is pretty much superior in control compared to the built-in solution. You can control the type, the length and the number of the segments of the extrusion. To do that we are taking advatage of all the monitored axis. It can be used with Face, Edge and Vertex Selection as well.

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal MovementExtrusion Height
Vertical Movement> 10 Group Extrusion
10 > x > -10 Local Normal
< 10 Polygon Extrusion
Wheel ChangeNumber of extrusion segments


Chamfering is working almost the same way as extrude. You have control over the Chamfer amount, number of segments and the roundness of the chamfer.

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal MovementChamfer Radius
Vertical MovementRoundness (Can be inverted) using 0.5 stepping
Wheel ChangeNumber of segments


Relax have control over two parameters. The Amount and the Iteration

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal MovementAmount
Vertical MovementIteration
Wheel Change

Circle / QCap

To make this action work, you need to install rapidTools toolset. These are two of the most commonly used tools from rapidTools. They can be executed by using Left and Right click.

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Left ClickReguralize Edge Loop
Right ClickQuad Cap / Fill Hole


Inset is also far superior compared to the built-in solution since this one can add segments to you inset. To do that, just as always, the spinner helps achieving that.

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal MovementInset Amount
Vertical Movement
Wheel ChangeNumber of Segments


Connect can connect edges. Currently vertex connect is not implemented. (Btw. it’s easy to implement, so feel free to extend it.

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal MovementPinch
Vertical MovementSlide
Wheel ChangeNumber of Segments


It’s the same bridge as you can find max, but you can control the segments in between the two faces with the mouse wheel.

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal Movement
Vertical Movement
Wheel ChangeNumber of Segments
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