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The Selection Menu

The selection menu is part of the Modeling Octal menu. It contains all the most frequently used selection modification actions. The functionality of this menu is pretty widespread and in this documentation we will cover all these use cases.

Hard Selection

Hard Selection supports the Editable Poly object and the Edit Poly modifier as well. It has two modes.

Left Click Mode

The left click mode performs a simple hard edge selection.

Right Click Mode

In this case you can mask out only those faces which you would like to analyze. When this happens only those edges will be selected that has both adjacent faces selected. (Think about it as masking the selection using a face selection)

Before After

Loop / Ring

It has two modes. The loop tool makes it far easier to manipulate any loop selections. It has a significantly easier solution the perform dot loop.

Left Click Mode

This is the simpler mode. This performs a simple loop / ring selection.

Right Spinner Mode

The spinner mode can perform dot loop / ring selection. Using the mouse wheel you can define the size of the gap. In the below example the Loop used 2 gaps while after that the Ring used a 1 gap.

The parameter mapping is the following for these commands.

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal Movement
Vertical Movement
Wheel ChangeDot Loop / Ring Gap

Select Similar

Select Similar is working the same way as the one can be found on the toolbar.

Convert Selection

This is a bit more complex. There are two different modes. If you are above or if you are below of the horizontal starting point. Using the mouse wheel you can define the target selection. The numbering is the same as the selection modes. (1..5) -> Vertex, Edge, Border, Poly, Element

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal Movement
Vertical Movement>0 normal conversion
<0 perimeter selection
Wheel ChangeTarget Sub-Object Selection

Shrink / Grow

The Shrink / Grow selection also uses the mouse wheel to set the distance of the grow or shrink. Basically it sets the number of clicks on the Shrink / Grow button.

Before and After applying a Grow with 3 iterations
Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal Movement
Vertical Movement
Wheel ChangeNumber of Shrink / Grow Iterations

Fill Hole

This is a static button. It performs a simple Fill Hole on a selection. It is the same that you can find inside the Graphite Modeling Toolkit.

Fill Hole Before and After
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