Basics – Part 2

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Now let’s bring the entire Smoothing under a single Octal Menu button, where we can control the smoothing value by moving the mouse cursor horizontally.

Previously we have set the value using a simple constant value.

$.autoSmoothThreshold = 90
polyop.autosmooth $

Since we have spinner buttons we can change the threshold value based on the horizontal mouse movement. To do that, we just have to change the constant value to a dynamic Octopus Value -> H Mouse Move

$.autoSmoothThreshold = {0}
polyop.autosmooth $

Since the AutoSmooth value is working between 0 and 180 we also have to change those parameters as well and since we are not using the vertical axis, we can just simple null out all the rest of the values:

With the current values, the change instensity is quite intense, so I recommend you to change it to a lower value. For example 0.25 is quite comfortable. (In this case you have to move your mouse 4 pixels horizontally to change one degree on the autoSmoothThreshold value.

Oh and don’t forget to switch on the ACTIVE checkbox on the top right hand corner of the window, to turn on the Right Click Spinner. On the other hand, below you can see the result. :)

It’s still not that complicated right? :) Let’s get to Part 3!

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Basics – Part 2

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