Octopus Manager

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Octopus Manager is the main place where you can set up your Octopus menus. Here you can create new menus, duplicate existing ones or you can delete them.

Each line in the settings grid represents a button. Here you can set up the Left and Right icons, and the text / label of your buttons, or if you want you can use the Icon Only mode in this case the label won’t be visible.

On the right side of the panel the CMD column always shows the actual state of your active mouse buttons. If the left button is orange, then only the left mouse button has been set up. If the right, then the right, if both then both buttons.

Additionally there is a quick menu where you can reach the most important things.

  • Octopus Settings
    • Here you can change all the properties that are affecting a menu. This includes behavioral (Octopus Flash or Octopus Shift, Hold and Release etc.) settings and visual settings (shape of the pie menu, shape and color of the buttons) as well.
  • Action Browser
    • This is the simplest, but most limited way to add functionality to your buttons. In most cases these are just simple commands.
  • Open Octopus Folder
    • This is the location of your .octopus preset files.
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Octopus Manager

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