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Modifiers Octal Menu

The modifier Octal Menu is all about modifiers. You can assign modifiers on top of objects with this simple solution and you can even change their initial parameters, to get what you need. This modifer contains most of the important modeling mods, that people are using the most while doing their job.


This modifier assigns an FFD Box on top of the selected object. Initially you can set up the number of segment on each axis, by moving the mouse cursor and rotating the mouse wheel. The mapping is the following

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal MovementWidth Segments
Vertical MovementLength Segments
Wheel ChangeHeight Segments


The shell modifier adds a shell modifier on the top of your modifier stack on the selection. You can set up the thickness of the shell as well as the number of segments. Of course as long as the modifier is there, you can change its parameters later.

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal MovementInner Amount
Vertical MovementOuter Amount
Wheel ChangeSegments


The Chamfer adds a chamfer modifier on he top of the stack on your selection. It’s working the same way as in the Modeling Octal Menu.

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal MovementChamfer Radius
Vertical MovementRoundness
Wheel ChangeNumber of segments


The symmetry modifier is using all the axis and the mouse wheel to set it up. The parameter mapping is the following in this case.

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal Movement< 0 – Flip on
> 0 – Flip off
Vertical MovementWeld Seam Threshold
Wheel ChangeSymmetry Axis [1, 2, 3] -> [X, Y, Z]

Edit Poly

It has no special parameters. It simply assigns an Edit Poly modifier on the top of the stack.


The normal modifier assigns a normal modifier on the top of the stack. You can turn the Unify Normals and Flip Normals using the Horizontal and Vertical axis.

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal Movement> 0 – Flip Normals On
< 0 – Flip Normals Off
Vertical Movement> 0 – Unify Normals On
< 0 – Unify Normals Off
Wheel Change


The smoothing modifier simply places a Smooth modifier on the top of the stack.

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal MovementSmooth Threshold
Vertical Movement> 0 – Prevent Indirect Smoothing On
< 0 – Prevent Indirect Smoothing Off
Wheel Change


The TurboSmooth assigns a TurboSmooth modifier on the top of the stack. You can change the iterations using the mouse wheel.

Octopus Cursor AxisParameters
Horizontal Movement
Vertical Movement
Wheel ChangeIterations
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